Sometimes 'nothing' is a real cool hand...

A thirty-something guy from Kansas living in San Francisco (via the UK and the Netherlands). I tend to geek out about music, film, television, LOLs, guys and other stuff. Not always in that order.
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‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ by Quiet Riot
"So you say I got a dirty mind; I’m a mean go-getter."

‘The Breeze and I’ by Henry Mancini
"The breeze and I are whispering goodbye to the dreams we used to share."

‘Surgerunner’ by YTCracker
.@realytcracker was the first person I thought of when I heard Surge was finally back.

Mushrooms with Mom (at Mushroom Rock State Park)

R.I.P. Joan Rivers

Had the pleasure of seeing her perform in Manchester back in 2005. Got to speak with her after. It was brief but a moment I’ll always treasure.

Please tell me Lil B took his name from Guru’s character in The Substitute 2.

R.I.P. James Garner

Finally watching #Snowpiercer! #keepitindie (at Presidio Theatre)

And We Can’t Stop; And We Won’t Stop #sfpride (at Castro Theatre)